Nourishing Solidarity in Communities

Our mission is to gather people from different lifestyles, values ​​, and beliefs to communicate and share experiences in order to achieve a mutual and empathic understanding, solidarity, and collaboration.

Ashoka Social Entrepreneur

Our Founder Verónica Escalante was elected as an official Ashoka Social Entrepreneur. Ashoka engages the world’s largest and most powerful network of social entrepreneurs by searching for and selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Share at Home

We know, now more than ever, it’s important to cultivate healthy relationships at home. That’s why we’re sharing some of our activities so you can express yourself, listen, and support the people you live with.

Official Ashoka Social Entrepreneur

Changing lives and impacting communities since 2013

Children + Youth

Schools and Community Organizations



What We Do

We facilitate experiences of intergroup gatherings that allow people to be critical of their own prejudices and seek mutual support in a symmetrical way.

We call these experiences: “Horizontal Approaches.” Unlike traditional volunteer or community service programs, horizontal approaches give priority to the voices of those who are sought out to support, which brings the possibility to find collaborative solutions to social problems and helps rebuild or strengthen the social fabric of societies in conflict.

How We Do It

We carry out these approaches through school exchange programs, weekend camps, summer camps, and workshops with organizations or businesses, gathering people from different socioeconomic, religious, or ethnic contexts where we promote empathy and solidarity among them.

How can you get involved?

You can support us with a donation or participate as a volunteer, we always seek to collaborate with various communities and create an impact in the world.

Expansion Fund

We are currently raising funds to certify horizontality cultivators in Nepal, Indonesia and Colombia.

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Benefits of the Share Approach

Who Benefits?
The horizontal approaches facilitated by SHARE have multiple beneficiaries

Children and Youth

We facilitate experiences of intergroup contact and anthropological research under ideal conditions in order to develop abilities of self-reflection, preconception analysis and diversity assessments.

Educational and Community Organizations

We train educators and leaders to facilitate horizontal approaches that foster self-awareness, empathy, and solidarity among their students or members.

Civil Society Organizations

We generate collaborative workspaces between staff and people served by the organization, bringing out the voices of those who they seek to support.


We offer solidarity volunteer opportunities for staff to collaborate with benefiting communities.

Be a sponsor. Get involved.

Become part of our foundation. Whether through donations or volunteering #yosoySHARE always seeks to expand its doors to reach diverse communities and create a greater impact in the world.

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We facilitate experiences. We carry out school exchanges, weekend camps, workshops, and much more!

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