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We are training all high schools in the State of Mexico in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Through a partnership between the Ministry of Education and SHARE, we seek to confront gender-based violence in the state, this being the second highest number of registered cases in the country.

With the Inclusive Leadership certification program, we will ensure that teachers in 1,160 public schools are trained in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and can facilitate learning experiences on these issues with more than 400,000 students.

As of August 2022, SHARE trained and certified teachers from 522 schools, and with your support we will be able to reach the remaining 638.

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“It exceeded my expectations, it wasn´t just a course or a workshop, it was the experience itself to make an introspective trip and value the diversity of my environment”

– Lourdes Hernández, CBT No. 5

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You will make it possible for a public high school to be certified in Inclusive Leadership, fostering empathy, collaboration, and mutual support.

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With your contribution, you will help us achieve our goal of influencing all public high schools in the State of Mexico.

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With your support we will be able to train teachers to foster societies with greater empathy and solidarity.

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Of participants stated that the skills developed in the workshop are relevant to their professional development.


Awareness of Bias


Tools to overcome awareness


Develop allyship and Mutual support


Develop inclusive leadership

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