What we do

We promote empathy and solidarity through prejudice awareness, intergroup contact, and intercultural dialogue.

Fundación Share.

 Our Objectives

For SHARE participants to become aware of their prejudices, have experiences that allow them to question and reformulate those prejudices and acquire tools of solidarity.

+23 Communities

Our Values

Self-awareness, self-reflection, empathy, appreciation of difference, collaboration, and solidarity.

+2432 People

Methodological Framework.

Our methodology is based on the Contact Theory (proposed from social psychology) and anthropological reflections on valuing others and the importance of being self-critical of our preconceptions when becoming acquainted with a foreign culture. In order to integrate the proposals of Contact Theory and of social anthropology (reflexive and collaborative), we use the hermeneutical method. Its steps consist of self-awareness, access to new experiences (contact), and belief transformation.

Modalities of Our Methodology.

All our modalities follow the steps of our three objectives: (1) become aware of prejudices; (2) have experiences that spark curiosity and reformulate those prejudices and (3) acquire tools conducive to supporting solidarity.

School Exchanges

We train educators so they can facilitate “Horizontal Approaches” among their students and students from different schools in their communities. These approaches begin with workshops on self-awareness of prejudices in each school, followed by exchanges between the students from both schools (long-distance or in-person) and culminate in the creation of a project for the benefit of their community.

Workshops with Community Organizations

We strengthen the connection between staff and the people served by the organization, by identifying how they can mutually support each other based on their needs. At the end of the workshop, the staff, together with the community members, select 10 needs they consider most important to strengthen the organization’s work.

Summer Camp

We bring children (ages 9-12) together who come from different ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic contexts so they become aware of the stereotypes in their societies and to have experiences that allow them to question their validity. With this awareness, children are invited not to limit what they think is possible in their lives or in the lives of others and to be open-minded to discover new things in themselves and others. Through various SHARE activities, children from different contexts get to experience working together.

Solidarity Volunteer

We facilitate horizontal relationships among business’ staff and community members served by them. These experiences are focused on the knowledge of community members and staff working together to achieve a positive impact on their community.

Weekend Gatherings

We facilitate experiences of intergroup gatherings with youth (ages 14 to 16) in which they reflect on the impact of stereotypes, how they exercise them through their prejudices, and how they can overcome them. With this awareness, young people participate in activities that allow them to know themselves and each other in greater depth, developing skills of empathy, and mutual support. By the end of the gathering, they organize a ‘solidarity day’ together to benefit their communities.


Volunteer Program

All SHARE participants are invited to join our leadership program, in which they are trained to share lessons they have learned at SHARE with new groups.

* If you have participated in SHARE and want to inspire others, this program is for you.

Allies Program

SHARE always works in collaboration with ally organizations that are seeking to cultivate empathy, collaboration, and solidarity among the members of their organization.

* Your school, organization, or company can be one of them.

Sponsor Program

Each horizontal approach is supported by people committed to forming a more caring society, you can be one of them.

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We facilitate experiences. We carry out school exchanges, weekend camps, workshops, and much more!

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