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SHARE’s work is carried out by a team of volunteers and representatives of ally organizations committed to creating a more solidary society.

Our mission is to form a solidary society, in which people from different contexts can relate horizontally, valuing their differences, and supporting mutually.

We facilitate intergroup encounter experiences in which people are self-critical of their prejudices and seek mutual symmetrical support. We call these experiences: Horizontal Approaches. Unlike traditional volunteer or community service programs, horizontal approaches prioritize the voices of those whom you seek to support, which makes it possible to seek collaborative solutions to social problems and help to rebuild or strengthen the social fabric of societies in conflict.

Changing lives and impacting communities
since 2013 

Children + Youth



teachers trained in our methodology

Children + Youth



teachers trained in our methodology

We promote empathy and solidarity around the world.

We are focused on making positive change through the active participation of all. A change from experience, a change from understanding.

Our Team


Directora Fundacion Share
She is a doctorate student in Social Anthropology at UNAM, Master of Applied Anthropology from Macquarie University, and with a degree in Philosophy from Iberoamerican University. For more than 10 years Veronica has worked to create bridges of solidarity between people from different contexts and sectors to solve social problems. She is co-founder and CEO of Fundación SHARE A.C. She has worked at Ashoka A.C. as coordinator of institutional development; as a socio-environmental project consultant at Next Plays, and as a teacher in social leadership at the Anahuac-Mayab University.


She studied a degree in Social Communication at the University of Communication. She has collaborated with writing in different media about social entrepreneurship, politics and society. Actively participates in international forums on youth entrepreneurship and leadership and is part of the committee for the creation of the Museum of Peace in New York and Mexico City. She worked at Ashoka Emprendedores Sociales A.C. as the coordinator of the Mexico 2011 Initiative, as well as the coordinator of the search and selection of Social Entrepreneurs for Mexico and Central America. She was director of Workshops at the Maguen David Community Center and is currently the administrative director of the Share Foundation. Deborah firmly believes that the change we seek in the world will be the result of the effort of our daily work as agents of change.



She has a Degree in Tourism Resources Administration from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. She has work experience from Mexico and Spain in talent management, leadership, project management, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship both in the private sector and NGOs, working in places like Grupo Gentera and Ashoka México.

She has given conferences and trainings to youth and adult groups, as well as re-engineering processes and various courses and certifications in digital marketing. Mayte is passionate about ecotourism, gastronomy and gender issues. She is an Expansion 2015 and Endeavor entrepreneur since 2016. She is Co-founder of Atlantia Search, occupying various positions; she currently works as Director of Talent Management.

Dra. Andrea Medina Riancho - Director of Training and Certification of horizontality cultivators


Andrea Medina Riancho was born and raised in a Maya community in Yucatán, México. The values of dialogue, hard work, justice, and courage were woven in her upbringing. Andrea earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Anthropology at the University of California in Santa Barbara and pursued grad school in Mesoamerican Studies at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) focusing her M.A. in Mayan Agriculture and her Ph.D. in Yucatek Maya Healing Practices and Medicine.

For the past 15 years, Andrea has been crossing borders, developing intercultural education projects in indigenous communities throughout México and around the US. She has been involved in socioeconomic, environmental, and political movements as an activist, organizer, director of an international organization, a non-profit ED, and as a University lecturer in México, Puerto Rico, and the US. Andrea likes to write and enjoys her radio show “Sembrando Con/Ciencia”. She is passionate about education, sustainable agriculture, and traditional medicine. Andrea’s energy is fueled by music and art in its various forms, working with youth and spending time with her community of loved ones. 


She studied Social Anthropology at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY in Spanish) and is finishing her research project entitled “The expression of the tourist gaze in Izamal, Yucatan, in the travel narratives visually constructed by tourists”, this project focuses on the photographic analysis of the visual production of the town of Izamal, in how it is viewed from outside. She contributed to the layout and design of the academic magazine “Antrópica”. At the end of 2015, she was an assistant to the Coordination of Social Anthropology in her department and that same year she carried out field work in Izamal, Yucatan for six months. In 2014 she participated as a moderator in the activities to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and in 2016 she participated as a speaker in the Hundred Years Commemorative Days of the First Feminist Congress. In July 2015, she collaborated with the UADY Single Association of Administrative and Manual Workers in her workshop “Knowing our statutes”. She has made numerous presentations on anthropology and tourism. She has been certified in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management and Cyberculture by the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Yucatan.


He has a Degree in Psychology from the Iberoamerican University. He has been part of SHARE since 2014, when we started working in Mexico. Since then, he has participated in 30 gathetings in Mexico, 3 in Miami and 1 in Colombia. SHARE and Walter have changed a lot since 2014 but, in essence, they remain the same as always: they both believe in kindness, empathy, mutual understanding and in the power of friendship.


SHARE has a team of volunteers made up of people who have participated in our programs and who are committed to promoting empathy, collaboration, and solidarity in our society. This team is continuously trained to be able to implement our methodology in its different modalities.

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We are always looking for volunteers who can make a difference. At Fundación Share we believe that the change we seek has as much impact on the communities in which we work as on the volunteers who join the causes.

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Our Story

How We Got Started

SHARE was founded in 2013 in Ambon, Indonesia, where the population has lived through interreligious conflict between Christians and Muslims. After noticing the segregation and the fear children from both religions felt, we designed processes to bring them close together and build relationships of mutual support. After only one year, the children had inspired their friends and family members to create relationships and to trust people from different religions than their own, radically changing the social dynamics of the island.

Where We Are Now

Inspired by the impact in Ambon, we expanded our work to the United States and Mexico to combat racism, ethnic discrimination, and classism in the region. We have worked with over 1,700 children and youth in allyship with 24 educational organizations in the three countries.

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